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School Safety, Readiness, & Incident Management

School safety, readiness & incident management compliance plan

By July 1st, 2009  all Colorado school districts had to adopt a date for becoming NIMS compliant plus have a plan and timeline in place for making that happen thus meeting the requirements set forth in Senate Bill 181, now CRS 22-32-109.1.

The spirit of Senate Bill 181 is to have school districts create safe learning environments, work better with its community partners, and be prepared - to the best of our ability - for an emergency situation.  

There are five main areas that are addressed in Senate Bill 181:  Compliance planning, policy and procedures development, exercise planning or drills, staff training and emergency equipment.

As a District, we have already taken steps that will meet these compliance requirements, not because they are required, but because many of them are prudent and best practices.

The following plan identifies the requirements that need to be met, the rationale behind those requirements, the action steps that the District has already taken or needs to take to meet these requirements, a recommended date for completion, as well as the date of completion.