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8th Grade Brain Bowl Team: Mr. Hawley, Olivia Hochanadel, Isabella Norton, Mr. Reed, Jacob Whitney, Evelyn Zeglis, and CJ

We had six teams compete in the regional Brain Bowl tournament on January 27th! At that tournament, four teams   qualified for the Championship Tournament on February 10th: one eighth, one seventh, and two sixth grade teams. 

Your 8th Grade Brain Bowl Team WON STATE! 

If you see any of these students, please congratulate them.

From left to right: Mr. Hawley, Olivia Hochanadel, Isabella Norton, Mr. Reed, Jacob Whitney, Evelyn Zeglis, and CJ  Ponce.

Four FMMS spellers competed at the regional spelling bee on February 7th in Brush, CO. Our very own Macy Shi (6th Grade) took first place at the bee and qualified for the State Spelling Bee in March. All the spellers from FMMS made it into the top 10! Results: 

Macy Shi (6th Grade): 1st Place

Paige Kartchner (8th Grade): 4th Place

Micah Cole (8th Grade): 8th Place

Jaymin Benitez (7th Grade): 8th Place

John W Buckner Grant: Automatic Enrollment in Advanced Classes

The Power of Enrollment in Advanced Courses:

Traditionally, disadvantaged minorities and low-income students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds who perform well in school do not enroll in advanced classes at the same rate as their peers, regardless of preparedness. All students deserve the opportunity to learn higher-level content and students who have access to a rigorous curriculum perform better across multiple measures, including graduating high school and completing higher education.

The John W. Buckner Automatic Enrollment in Advanced Courses Grant Program, Senate Bill 19-059, is intended to increase the number of students enrolled in advanced courses for subjects in which the student has demonstrated proficiency.

The FMMS is taking on the Buckner Grant for 2023/2024 and will spend the year designing curriculum to help facilitate the automatic enrollment of our gifted students in advanced classes at the High School.

Read more about the Buckner Grant on CDE's website:

John W. Buckner Grant 

I-REECCH to tap gifted students in rural Colorado

Norma Hafenstein and Kristina Hesbol know what it’s like to grow up in a rural community. Both professors at the Morgridge College of Education have spent their careers advocating for equity, so their new journey is personal. The University of Denver professors say few gifted students are identified in rural areas, especially those who are minorities or from low-income families. So they’re deploying a team of researchers to help educators identify gifted students in rural Colorado.

Recursos Para los Padres de Familia

¿Qué puede hacer usted como padre por su hijo? Cada niño tiene capacidades en ciertas áreas, ya sea en las matemáticas, lengua y literatura, ciencias formales, naturales y sociales, música, artes visuales y escénicas, liderazgo, atletismo, filantropía o algún otro campo. Para ayudar a los niños dotados a descubrir sus talentos excepcionales, hay que explorar sus intereses y habilidades.

Explaining Giftedness to Your Child

"Whether identified as gifted, referred for an evaluation, or placed in a gifted and talented program, children quickly form their own impressions. They may wonder if this makes them different or smarter or weirder or better than the other kids."

What To Do When One Child Is Identified Gifted And Another Is Not

This article discusses how you can approach this subject with your children. The author shares several talking points to share with your child as well as tips for advocating for your children if you feel further assessment is needed.