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Teach Today Alternative Licensure Program

Jen Kral

Titles: Director of Alternative Licensure Programs

Program Overview

Now enrolling teachers for the 2024-2025 school year  

Teach Today is approved by the Colorado Department of Education as an alternative teacher or principal licensure program designed for people who would like to be a licensed teacher or principal in the state of Colorado, but who have not yet completed a teacher or principal licensure program. This program is located in Fort Morgan and is open to teachers or principals across the state. 

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Program Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Degree, 24 credit hours in the subject/content you will be teaching, or attempt the Praxis exam in that content area
  • Secure a position teaching in that content area

Eligible Teaching Areas:

  • Elementary
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Education
  • Secondary areas:
    • Agriculture
    • Business/Marketing
    • English Language Arts
    • Family and Consumer Sciences
    • Mathematics
    • Middle School Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Technology Education
  • K-12 areas: 
    • Dance
    • Drama Theater Arts
    • Health
    • Music
    • Physical Education
    • Visual Arts
    • World Languages
  • Principal

Our partner, TEACH Colorado, is a program that provides free support to anyone who’s thinking about becoming a teacher. When you sign up, you get perks like 1-on-1 coaching, up to $100 back in fee reimbursements towards expenses related to applying to our program (including testing and fingerprints), and a chance to win a regional $1,000 scholarship! 

To capitalize on the application fee reimbursement, you just have to create a TEACH Colorado account here before you apply to the Teach Today Lead Today program. Once you have subscribed to TEACH Colorado and applied to Teach Today Lead Today, you can submit your application fee reimbursement here and apply for the TEACH Colorado scholarship here!

Alternative Teacher Pathway - Requirements

The alternative teacher pathway allows districts to hire individuals to serve as a teacher while completing the necessary teacher preparation based on the Colorado Teacher Quality Standards. Alternative teacher preparation programs vary in length from 1 year to 2 years. While serving as a teacher, alternative candidates put what they learn into practice immediately.

To qualify, each candidate must:

  • Hold a bachelor's or higher degree from a regionally accredited college/university;
  • Be enrolled in an approved Colorado alternative teacher program; and
  • Complete and submit an ALTERNATIVE TEACHER application to request either a Colorado Alternative Teacher License or an Interim Authorization issued specifically for alternative teacher preparation.

Interim Authorization: for those who have not yet demonstrated content knowledge in their subject area.

  • Applicants pursuing an alternative interim authorization must hold a teaching position and be enrolled in an approved Colorado alternative program.
  • Demonstration of content knowledge as outlined above will be required to complete the program.
  • Interim authorizations are issued for one year only (and may be renewed if needed to complete a two-year program).

Elementary candidates must pass the Colorado State Board of Education-approved elementary content exam

Early childhood education candidates may pass the Colorado State Board of Education-approved elementary content exam OR early childhood education content exam

Program Details

  • This is a two-year program where teachers learn the methods of teaching while teaching in the classroom.
  • The cohort meets twice a month for in person meetings and some work is required asynchronously as well.
  • While this is housed in Fort Morgan, teachers and principals from across the state may also participate.
  • A virtual option is available for out of district teachers and principals.
  • Teachers receive the required 90 hours of English Learner standards as well as the methods of teaching. Elementary and Early Childhood candidates also receive the English Learner standards and methods of teaching in addition to training in the science of reading, meeting the district requirement around the READ Act designation.
  • Teachers are supported with instructional coaches and mentors.
  • Completion of this program allows candidates to apply for their initial teacher’s license from the Colorado Department of Education.
  • This program is open to teachers in both public and non-public schools.
  • Program cost for member districts is $10,000 and grant dollars are available to pay for up to $10,000 towards program costs when teaching in a shortage area and one must commit to teaching in a shortage area for a minimum of three years (in a Colorado public school).
  • Non-member districts, program cost is $12,000, with grant dollars available to cover up to $10,000 towards the program.


Principals can complete the program in 1-3 years based upon previous experience. These are written as individual plans that are approved by the Colorado State Board of Education and then followed while being in the role of the principal or principal like role.