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Hello Parents,

The Transportation Department is busy preparing for the new 4-day school week starting this year.  We are predicting an increase in the length of time student(s) may spend on the bus with the new 4-day schedule. 

We have developed a plan to help offset this and we need your help to make this work! Please have your student(s) waiting at the bus stop three to five minutes before the bus arrives. Our goal is to reduce the time at bus stops to reduce the time student(s) spend traveling to and from their school.   Our drivers will contact you with pick up and drop off times and with the bus stop location. Our bus that pick up students at our schools in the morning will arrive about 15 minutes earlier now.

 We look forward to safely transporting your student(s) to their school this year. We will gladly answer any questions and concerns.  Please feel free to contact the Transportation Department at 970-867-2263.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this transition.

Best Regards,

Dan Bailey, Director of Transportation